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    Recent Projects

  • Project Name  :  Gram Nirman
    Time Duration  :  2017-2020
    Theme  :  Sliengthen local governance PESA and livelihood development
    Donor  :  Caritas Auslialia/ India
    Description  :  
    The main aim of the program is to support the tribal communities for functional institutions towards achieving socio-economic wellbeing through socially and politically dynamic participation in decision making bodies (Gram Sabhas) and being sensitized to the needs of the most vulnerable community members. Tribals are more vulnerable and marginalized due to their poor socio-economic conditions in terms of work-participation and access to various eligible government entitlements and flagship programme. The present proposal will address Strengthening of Gram Sabha (GS), CBOs, Community Institutions, food security, livelihood options, increased income and linkages with government. It will empower the community for preparedness, improved information system, improved partnership relationship, savings groups and conservation agriculture. The overall impact of the program will enhance households better by strengthening physical, social and economic wellbeing. The emphasis will also to address the critical concerns of the most vulnerable section of the community. Sensitizing and building capacities to recognize and make visibility of these networks and groups in decision making platforms.
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  • Project Name  :  Internet Saathi Programme (Digital Literacy)
    Time Duration  :  2017-2019
    Theme  :  Reduce the gender disparity in internet use in rural India and empowering the women in rural area through digital literacy
    Donor  :  Tata liust/ PHIA
    Description  :  
    Internet Saathi programme sponsored by Google was launched in association with Tata Trust and PHIA Foundation. Its main objective is to help in closing down the digital literacy gaps. SMS work on Digital literacy and digital livelihood program in 5 Districts and 36 blocks with partnership of PHIA Foundation.Upon the completion of the targets by the Saathis, such active and interested saathis are to be linked to the digital livelihood programme where the saathi's themselves will carry out the survey work in the concerned villages. Active Saathis have been engaged in periodic surveys based on certain indicators as desired by Niti Aayog. Such thematic areas are Health & Nutrition, Education, Agriculture & Water Resources, Financial Inclusion & Skill Development and Basic Infrastructure. As of now, only two themes have been focused- Health and Education.
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  • Project Name  :  GARV (Girls Aspiration for Rights & Values)
    Time Duration  :  2015-2018
    Theme  :  Combating Discrimination which is also focusing on the improved value & survival of the girl children with a thrust on addressing Female infanticide & foeticide
    Donor  :  PLAN INDIA (EC)
    Description  :  
    The broad goal of the program of empowering the community to eliminate Sex Selection and Sex Determination to guarantee a life of dignity for the girl child the Key Result Areas (KRAs) entail the activities that will enhance the value of the girl child in society by changing mindsets and ensuring ownership of the issue by the community and the government. The nature of the problem is socio- cultural and requires an overall, long term, multi targeted and multi-pronged approach.
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  • Project Name  :  Swadhikar
    Time Duration  :  2014-2017
    Theme  :  Liable development and good governance in Dumaria block. Capacitating the local self-governance and village development groups
    Donor  :  Caritas Auslialia/ India
    Description  :  
    The objective of the Project is to strengthen the tribal communities by strengthening the active participation in the village mandatory forums like Gram Sabha , Gram Panchyat and other traditional Sabhas organized for community development. The active participation means people not only able to articulate their needs and planning their development works in Gram Sabha but also actively monitor and evaluate the plans. It also strongly means inclusive participation of women, people living with disability, landless people, widows and women (single) headed families and all other marginalized community in the targeted villages. The major aim will be bring in good governance by making the local self-governance closer to the people and people friendly work for the people, by the people and with the people.
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  • Project Name  :  Single Women Empowerment through Land, Property Campaign
    Time Duration  :  2012-2016
    Theme  :  Single Women Empowerment through Land, Property Campaign and Health Promotion (RSBY)
    Donor  :  DFID /Caritas India
    Description  :  
    Single women face additional discrimination and social barriers to health and livelihood. PACS Program has given the opportunity for Expansion and strengthening of the single women and their association, the land and livelihood issues is the primary need of the single women in Jharkhand. However land rights & skill development through right based approach and empowerment is the most important and critical issue for the single women and SMS is devoted to work and take challenges towards achieving goal. Total 1382 claims (5305 women) have been submitted for different type of lands. In which, (300 women govt land )in Schedule area application submitted to Gram Sabha by 3464 women of 295 women groups for community land and 1035 women of 86 women groups got the Kachcha Bandobasti. Increase homestead land entitlement of single women 2346 through Indira awas yojna.
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  • Project Name  :  Towards Empowerment: women and girls in source communities at the pre- migration and pre-decision making stage
    Time Duration  :  2015-2016
    Theme  :  To support young women in making informed decisions regarding their in-counliy migration for work
    Donor  :  Global Alliance Against liaffic in Women.
    Description  :  
    The importance of working with women in source communities, before they have made their decisions to migrate, is huge as it is the first stage in their migration story. While there is a need to work towards a safe, secured and violence free life for all women, the need for such work with migrating women is urgent. Most women migrating for domestic work come from socially and economically disadvantaged background and have little or no formal education. Their socialization process often does not allow them to question violence and violation of rights. Many do not see themselves as 'workers' even though they do back breaking work all the time. A woman can only think of raising her voice against violence at destination site, if she has already tried to do so in her home community. In order to demand that 'safe migration' and 'work in freedom' are their rights in the context of migration, the women must learn to demand safety and freedom from abuse in their home communities. In order to be able to claim their rights to organize at destination countries, the women must see for themselves that collectivization can be a source of power in their home communities as well. Such consciousness raising work can't be done in pre-departure training's. It has to be long term and broad based.
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  • Earlier Projects

  • Project name- Lets girl be born 
    Area- Dhanbad disliict
    Stake Holders- Community, youth and newly wedded couple and girl child ,Govt. authorities And doctors 
    Funded By- PLAN INTERNATIONAL, India Chapter
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    State Level Orientation Workshop of Chief Judicial Magisliates On Declining Child Sex Ratio & PCPNDT Act In Jharkhand Click to Know More

  • Project name- Promoting sustainable sanitation in rural India
    Area- Saraikela disliict 
    Target group- Village People
    Funded By- Global Sanitation Fund(GSF), WSSCC
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  • Project name- Check Migration & liafficking of women and adolescent girls
    Area- 4 Panchayat of Dumaria block(East Singhbhum) 
    Target group- Migrated Families
    Funded By- CWS(Cenlie for World Solidarity), Hyderabad
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  • Project name- Women Self help group
    Area- Dumuria , Musabani (East Singhbhum)
    Target group- Rural & Marginalized Women 
    Funded By- NABARD
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  • Past Projects

    Projects Implemented Under Year 2008-2011 - Click Here