Shramajivi Mahila Samity

With a Vision to Empower Women by Education, Economic Independence and Leadership Skills

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  • Vision

    Shramajivi Mahila Samity is working with a vision to empower women by education, economic independence and leadership skills so as to develop a balanced and just society which may provide equal opportunities for both its men and women.  


    The mission of Shramajivi Mahila Samity is to enable tribal and other women to become self-dependent in the Socio-economic spheres, motivating women groups to be part of the decision making process and local self governance and by promoting their education, ensuring women’s participation in eco-friendly land, water, forest management of the area and own up the responsibility of sustainable development.  


    Shramajivi Mahila Samity envisages some of the main objectives since its beginning and constantly strives to concentrate its effort towards these issues mentioned below:- Provide a friendly and congenial platform for the women folk especially the downtrodden, underprivileged, oppressed, grassroots level & the lowest strata of the society. Ensure acceptance, recognition and human dignity to the aforesaid women class. To build awareness, confidence and motivate the women especially tribal to improve their socio-economic condition. To make the women self- reliant and self-dependent so that all sound upliftment and their development can take place. To enable them to participate and get involved in the process of governance and decision making. Empower the women so as to safeguard their rights, liberty and freedom of expression, and  thoughts. Enable the women and the society to realize that women is a materialistic entity, she has to be given the Opportunity to work and live and also to dream, and feel free to express her dream in her own way.